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Let's Talk, Uganda is a space for young Ugandans to discuss the aftermath of conflict in the country. The trial of Dominic Ongwen, the former Lord's Resistance Army commander, at the International Criminal Court (ICC) is bringing to light issues that many Ugandans would prefer to ignore.

Let's Talk, Uganda wants to encourage people in the north of the country to speak about their experiences and to share them with their counterparts in Kampala.

This project aims to create a dialogue and enable access to different viewpoints by combining innovative use of new media together with traditional methods of distributing information and creating conversations.

By telling their own stories, communities will contribute to their own healing process, and the stories will decrease stigma through social inclusion. They will also raise important issues about transitional justice and living in a post-conflict society for the youth in Uganda by fostering dialogue and understanding.

This project has been created by the Justice and Reconciliation Project and RNW Media.

The Justice and Reconciliation Project (JRP) in Gulu, northern Uganda, since 2005 played a key role in transitional justice in Uganda since through seeking to understand and explain the interests, needs, concerns and views of communities affected by conflict.

RNW Media is a Dutch based international media NGO that strives to achieve social change in communities. In restrictive settings where change is difficult and freedom of speech is restricted, RNW Media uses media for social change, empowering young people to make informed choices and claim their rights through dialogue.


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