Dialogue in Odek, organised by Let's Talk Uganda

Let's Talk, Odek live updates

28 July 2016 - 14:07

On 28 July, Let's Talk Uganda organised a dialogue with the community in Odek. Here are some of the highlights as the discussion progressed:

17:11 Screening Lukodi dialogue

Now we're screening a short video about the Let's Talk, Uganda dialogue in Lukodi last month. On that day, the participants talked about the following:

1) Do you think it is important to repair the lives of people after the conflict?
2) Can justice bring healing?
3) Is it right for forgiveness to take place after a conflict or problem has occurred?
4) Is the government thinking about the people in Lukodi? 
5) Is it right to provide counselling for people in war-affected areas?
Will people in Odek have different views than those in Lukodi?

16:49 How can we change negative perceptions of Odek?

We're onto the fourth topic chosen by Odek for discussion - how can the community's negative perceptions be changed? Opinions are varied:

One man thinks that the people of Odek, themselves, have a negative attitude. Another thinks that forgiveness is key: "Kony was a child of Odek and our neighbour. People of Odek should forgive so we can be as one."

16:45 Not everyone thinks truth-telling can work today.

One man thinks truth-telling is good only in theory: "Truth-telling brought about change in the past, but not today because of politics and corruption."

16:22 Can truth-telling bring about change?

On the third topic for discussion now. A lot of people are in support of truth-telling because they believe it can bring peace to the community. This is what some people in Odek are saying:

"A lack of truth-telling leads to land wrangles. With corruption, there is no truth."

"Truth-telling can bring change, depending on how returnees are accepted in the community, but not when they see returnees as enemies."

16:09 More quotes...

"There is a need for psychological trauma and counseling. Those who were abducted are still traumatised."

A woman:

"I am not receiving the medical attention I need. And we are being blamed for what Kony did."

Another woman:

"-Poverty causes domestic violence and leads to widows and orphans being chased from their land."

16:08 How can the voices of the community be heard?

One man feels the "media and NGOs should help make the voices of Odek's people be heard".

15:59 Land wrangles are an obstacle to peace

Access to and ownership are huge issues for the people in Odek during the Let's Talk Dialogue. A man had this to say about it:

"Government should stop land wrangles. Government should implement policies that favour rightful ownership of land. If these policies don't work, they should be abolished."

15:41 "There is no peace in Odek"

One person during the Odek dialogue commented on the topic "Is there peace in the community":

"There is no peace in Odek because those who came home [from IDP camps] have no land. Government has developed programmes, but only a few benefit from those programmes and not us. This hurts us."

15:00 - Let's Talk, Uganda in Odek

Hello everyone. Today we were in Odek sub-county in Omoro district. The community chose four topics for discussion:

  • Is there peace in the community?
  • How can the voices of the community be heard?
  • Can truth telling bring change?
  • How can we challenge the negative perceptions of Odek?

There's more about the dialogue on the Let's Talk Uganda Facebook and Twitter pages.

Leading image: Dialogue in Odek organised by Let's Talk Uganda (Photo: Benard Okot/Let's Talk Uganda)

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