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22 September 2016 - 13:09

3:52pm, We’re done


Just finished the dialogue in Barlonyo! Thanks for joining us and sharing your views. Join us for the discussion in Lira tomorrow!

Before we closed we asked people to speak on what justice and reconciliation issues they want to highlight. Here are some of the comments:

“Poverty is very rampant. We lost our property during the war and now it is the government’s duty to support and protect us.”

“There are a lot of killings and theft in the community, and it’s the young people that commit these crimes. This came because of the war.”

“There is lack of justice, there is corruption and robbery. People should work on their hearts to change because as we said, guns are not the problem.”

3:40pm, More on children born of war

“They are undisciplined and when they are corrected their mothers protect them. These children are rude to their step-parents because their mothers refuse them to be disciplined.”

3:27pm, Children born of war

Women singing Barlonyo 2016-09-22.png

Women sing during a Let's Talk, Uganda dialogue in Barlonyo, 22 September 2016

A woman in Gulu said that children born of war aren’t being given due consideration, so we asked the community in Barlonyo whose responsibility children born of war are.

A woman: “The community is often ignorant about the effect of war on victims. [The children who came back] should not be blamed for what happened to them, some of them came back from captivity without their limbs or body parts.”

Another person said this: “[Children born of war] should not be reintegrated directly - they should stay in rehabilitation centres because they are not in the right state of mind.”

3:05, The gun or the heart?

Man in Barlonyo 2016-09-22.png

A man in Odek said this during the dialogue there:

"We are blaming the gun for nothing, what a person hold in the heart is worse than a gun. A gun is a tool for work and as long as we still hold each other in our hearts with bad intentions, there will be no peace in Odek."

So, can there be peace without guns? Here are some responses

A woman in Barlonyo said this: “The people’s hearts are the problem because people think and whatever comes out of their heart causes war.”

On the Let’s Talk, Uganda Facebook page, someone agreed, saying: “…Even without a gun, a spear would be used. So it’s the issue if the heart, not the gun.”

2:35pm, If justice does not prevail …

The turn-up in Barlonyo is great today.

As part of the dialogue we’re sharing what people in the previous dialogues shared. In Lukodi, a man said “there must be justice before people can forgive”, so we’re asking people in Barlonyo what they think.

Talking about forgiveness, one woman in Barlonyo said this: “Half of my family members were killed during the war. I can’t forgive the perpetrators.”

1:48pm, Talking justice and reconciliation in Barlonyo

Hello everyone! Today we’re in Barlonyo village, Agweng sub-county today for the fourth Let’s Talk, Uganda dialogue – the first in Lango.

In the previous dialogues people talked about whether they thought justice brings healing, whether the silence of guns means that there is peace, and shared their thoughts on the cases of Dominic Ongwen at the ICC and Thomas Kwoyelo at the ICD. Today we’re hoping to hear from the community of Barlonyo as they join the conversation, as well as the Let’s Talk, Uganda community online.

What do you want to know from Barlonyo? And what do you want the community there to know? Share your thoughts here, on our Facebook page or on Twitter with the hashtags #LetsTalkUganda and #LetsTalkBarlonyo and we’ll share what you say with community there.

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We should'nt blame guns please, instead the hearts'.
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Why do we think the voices of our leaders honestly reflect the conscience of victims and not the organizations they belong to? Does formal courts reflect our victims understanding of Justice or we are just following world order?
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