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23 September 2016 - 11:09

1:31pm, Sharing comments by people on the Let's Talk Uganda's Facebook page


A man reads Let's Talk, Uganda comments on Facebook during dialogue in Lira

We’re sharing comments people on Facebook shared with people during the dialogue here in Lira.

“The children should not be blamed.I think these step fathers should not even tell these children they were born out of captivity.They should be nurtured and brought up like any other child in a community.
It was not their fault to be born.

I think the justice and reconciliation process should be a healing process where by the community should be giving their past experience and see how to bring such vulnerable people in community.
It worked well in Rwanda in the Gachacha courts.”

“U r the guys giving bad memories to people. Y insist on those issues?”

12:44pm, People didn’t used to kill

Now we’re talking about what justice and reconciliation issues people in Lira think are important.

“People didn’t used to kill but now it’s a different story. People kill without shame.”

12:30pm, What should be done for children born in captivity?

We just played a clip of a woman in Gulu saying children born in captivity are being abused and despised. What do people in Lira think should be done to help them?

“Religious leaders and the government should be involved in the sensitisation, otherwise the abuse on the children will continue.

“The government should offer free education for children born in the bush, otherwise their future is doomed.”

“The government should gazette an area where such children can be kept for some period of time for rehabilitation and then later on sent back to their families.”

“The government has been negligent to such children.”

11.55am, Peace and the gun

What is the problem – the gun or people’s hearts? In response to the comments made in Odek, someone had this to say about peace:

 “As long as there is poverty, peace will never prevail, not even true justice.”

11.45am, Can we forgive without justice?

Just played a clip of a man in Lukodi who said that justice is needed before forgiveness. This is what someon had to say in response.

“It’s very difficult to forgive someone who does not realise what they did in our lives.”

11.30am Let’s Talk, Lira

We’re live in Lira right now at the Lira Municipal Council Hall. If you're around, join us!

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