Updates: Prosecutors strike affects Kwoyelo case, Ongwen adjourns

20 July 2017 - 12:07

Dominic Ongwen trial adjourns to August 14

A defense lawyer challenged a former fighter of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) on some of the details of his testimony about the LRA’s attack on the Odek camp for people displaced by the conflict in northern Uganda. That attack took place in 2003.

Abigail Bridgman on Monday also questioned whether Witness P-054 was present during an LRA attack on the Abok camp for internally displaced people (IDP).

Witness P-054 had testified on Friday that he took part in the attacks on the Abok and Odek IDP camps. At the time, the witness was as a member of the LRA’s Sinia Brigade, and he said the commander of that brigade was Dominic Ongwen.

Before adjourning the hearing, Judge Schmitt commended the prosecution for its management of its witnesses so far.

He observed that during the latest session of hearings, the prosecution took less than half the time it had proposed to question the witnesses. Judge Schmitt, however, asked the prosecution to try as much as possible in future to provide a more accurate estimate of its presentation of witnesses. Originally, this session of hearings was scheduled to conclude on Thursday this week.

Judge Schmitt then said the court will adjourn for the summer recess. He said the next hearing will be on August 14 when Witness P-245 is scheduled to testify.

Source: ijmonitor.org

ICD does not sit, Thomas Kwoyelo hearing not held

A hearing scheduled for 18 July was not held at the International Crimes Division fo the High Court in Kampala. Let's Talk, Uganda was told unofficially that court had run out of money to facilitate the trial, however, this has been cleared by the Registrar of the ICD, Hon. Harriet Ssali Lule, who mentioned that the holt was due to a general strike by prosecutors over pay. Shortly before the scheduled hearing the strike was called off and the case, we are told, will resume. The prosecutors in the matter will give new dates to the court on which the case will continue. These have not been communicated yet.


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