1:20 pm, Wrapped up

So we just wrapped up the Let's Talk, Uganda dialogue in Gulu. Thanks for tuning into the discussion! We'll be sharing more of the comments that were made during this dialogue, so please check back. 

12:50 pm, On Dominc Ongwen and Thomas Kwoyelo

Some comments on the cases of Dominic Ongwen at the ICC and Thomas Kwoyelo at the ICD here in Uganda:

"What is going to come as justice to the people of Acholi? Nothing. War has occured and we need to adopt new ways and move on with our lives."

"If Dominic Ongwen and Kwoyelo are on trial, what about the other commanders who committed the same atrocities? Ongwen and Kwoyelo should be forgiven as a sign that peace has returned to our country."

12:20 pm, On the role of the government

Some of what has been said during the dialogue:

"The government of Uganda is not ready to bring justice to our community. People are demandng reparations, but they are being paid a deaf ear."

"The people who were affected by the war, especially those who were abducted and taken to the bush. Many of them are suffering because the government is not supporting them. That is why there is rejection, discrimination and land wrangles."

12:14 pm, What issues are important to you?

Right now the discussion is focusing on what justice and reconciliation issues are important to people.

What is important to you?

We're broadcasting live on Radio Rupiny right now. Tune in if you're not in Gulu!

12:09 pm, 'The war in northern Uganda cannot be compared' 

In response to the discussion on the comments on the conversations in Odek and Lukodi someone on our Facebook page said this, which we've shared:

The war in northern Uganda can not be compared with any other wars in Uganda. The length of time, the magnitude of suffering, the number of deaths, the list of properties, culture and traditions, over 3lost generations can't be compared to any lost anywhere in this country. Reparations must be done in a comprehensive manner without leaving anyone who suffered because the whole north did. Yes it's is taking forever and we just implore government to do what it is supposed to do and do it justly.

12:05 pm, On poverty in Acholi

"There is no poverty in Acholi, only people who want things to be given to them. A healthy population is productive, but most people have become drunkards."

11:34 am, A discussion on reparations

People are resonding to what was said during the dialogues in Lukodi and Odek.

One person had this to say.

"What people said in Lukodi in Odek was true... comparing things that happened in Kampala and here in Acholi regarding reparations. [After the Kampala bombings] it happened immediately, but not here. There must be holistic reparations."

Another comment:

"Lets define reparations for ourselves... let's not look to Western countries to define it for us.

11:00 am, Getting started

Going through the agenda right now. Our MC, Isaac Okwir Odiya let's us know: "We want you to know what the people of Odek and Lukodi have been saying."

We have representatives of the communities of Odek and Lukodi in the house, as well as members of the Women's Advocacy Network.

3 September 2016 10:30 am, Let's Talk, Gulu

Hi all, we're in Gulu today for a dialogue on justice and reconciliation.

The plan is to bring the conversations that we've been having in Odek, Lukodi and with our Facebook community to Gulu. 

We're also going to be broadcasting live on Radio Rupiny in a few minutes. Stay tuned here for updates on what is happening and let us know what you're thinking in the comments below.